This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of unknownS. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death
Edna [I0504]    
unknownF [I0235]    
unknownF [I0274]    
unknownF [I0736]    
Barbara [I0181]   1702-08-12
Elizabeth [I0520]    
Lizzie [I0624]    
Denise [I0341]    
Pattie [I0236]    
unknownF [I0150]    
Grace [I0324]    
unknownF [I0227]    
unknownF [I0447]    
Sibylla [I0179]    
Diane [I0349]    
Aiden [I0343]    
Mildred [I0459]    
Barbara [I0616]    
unknownF [I0493]    
Clarissa [I0630] about 1825  
unknownM [I0476]    
Bev [I0328]    
Freelove [I0383] 1764-04-17 1809-12-15
Jeannie [I0451]    
Leah [I0352]    
Nancy [I0374] 1838  
unknownF [I0110] 1513  
Kristina [I0708]    
unknownF [I0340]    
unknownF [I0331]    
Evy [I0743]    
Ingrid [I0734]    
Mary [I0064]    
unknownF [I0532]    
Arietta [I0194]    
Jean [I0516] about 1663  
unknownM [I0351]    
Elizabeth G. [I0486]    
Cathi [I0346]    
Stacy [I0345]    
Hazel [I0786]    
Catherine [I0924]    
unknownF [I0929]  
unknownF [I0995]  
Leah [I0999]    
Trish [I1013]    
Christine [I1060]    
Lena M. [I1063]    
Karen [I1090]    
Josephine [I1144] 1897 1974
unknownF [I1148] 1715  
Margaret [I1160]    
Sarah [I1189] about 1719  
Elizabeth [I1191]    
Mary [I1192] about 1736 after 1802
Alda [I1265]    
Majorie [I1357]    
Sarah [I1373] calculated 1795-08-27 1862-12-07
Gertrude [I1383] 1874-11-00  
Irene [I1398]    
Fredericke [I1423]  
Lucy [I1440] estimated between 1760 and 1770 between 1820 and 1830
Susanna [I1452] 1834 1878