Ales held in 1995

Ales were annual springtime celebrations which attracted folks from all over a shire. From the 17th thru 19th centuries they were held at numerous locations around England. Morris was one of the centerpiece sports at the ales. These 20th century ales revive the conditions under which the morris thrived.
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Holy Gr'ale (California Ale): 1995 April 21-23

Berkeley Morris is hosting this ale. Send your money to
Johnnie Fudge
For other esoteric questions you may try
Sarah Tolbert (stolbert@garnet.Berkeley.EDU)
Randall Cayford (cayford@euler.Berkeley.EDU)
They say there will be 6 (!!?) mass dances:
Valentine, Ascott
Highland Mary, Bampton
The Lollipop Man, Ducklington
Mash'Em, FieldTown
Vandals of Hammerwich, Lichfield
South Australia, Adderbury

15th Annual Midwest Morris Ale: 1995 May 26-29

In Minnesota. The 1995 Midwest Morris Ale mass dances were:

13th Mixed Morris Ale: 1995 May 26-29

In New York and Connecticut.

20th Marlboro Morris Ale: 1995 May 26-29

In Marlboro, Vermont. Dancing in various places around Windham County, and Sunday show dancing in Newfane.

Knoxville mini-ale: 1995 June 3-4

This is an open invitation to any Southeastern teams to join us in Knoxville the weekend of June 3-4, 1995. This will be a fairly informal gathering, with dancing at the International Jubilee on the former World's Fair site on Saturday and as-yet-unplanned touring on Sunday. Let me know if your team is interested and we'll keep you posted on future developments. Sword, garland, Northwest teams, unaffiliated dancers, families, hangers on, all welcome. We don't intend to try and feed everyone but we can put people up. (Extra incentive: the new brewpub in town. Fresh beer and room to dance as well...)
Toby Koosman
Sourwood Morris, Tenpenny Rapper
Knoxville, Tennessee USA

Dog Days Ale: 1995 June 10-11

Oneida Lake and Syracuse, New York
Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Bassett Street Hounds. See Rich Holmes' schedule for more information.

Sidmouth Folk Festival: 1995 Aug 4-11

Sidmouth, England
See the UK links above for more information.

Toronto Ale: 1995 Labour Day

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Try contacting David Meddows-Taylor as for more info, or look at his WWW pages for Green Fiddle Morris.

Bluemont Ale: 1995 October 6-8

Hosted by Bluemont Morris.

Ph'ome: 1995 October 14-15

Boston, MA
The tenth (bi-)annual tour of women's morris teams.

Ale Hallow Eve: Saturday 1995 October 28

In Oakland and Berkeley, California
11 AM: Sproul Plaza
1 PM: Jupiters Pub
5 PM: Jack London Square
9 PM: Gaskell's Ball
Contact Martin Taber +1 408 338 3634 for more information. Participants must RSVP. Admissions to Gaskells is $10 for non-participants. Spectators may watch free of charge at all other sites.
Steve Allen <>