Ales held in 1996

Ales were annual springtime celebrations which attracted folks from all over a shire. From the 17th thru 19th centuries they were held at numerous locations around England. Morris was one of the centerpiece sports at the ales. These 20th century ales revive the conditions under which the morris thrived.
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Minnesota Midwinter Ale: 1996 January 12-14

The 11th Annual Minnesota Midwinter Sword and Mumming Ale in the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis.
This ale is open to various British-trad groups, including border morris, rapper and longsword, mummers, garland dancers, etc. There is no registration fee (other than a small contribution for Sunday brunch), but teams MUST register in advance. There will be several tours on Saturday with a massed dance at a St. Paul location. There are also social events planned for Friday and Saturday evening (as well as the Sunday brunch.) The ale is being coordinated by Uptown-on-Calhoun Morris.
Laurie Ford (
Eric Dam (

The New York Sword Ale: 1996 February 17-18

3rd Annual Arizona Renassance Festival Ale: 1996 March 8-10

For more info contact the squire of Bedlam Bells Morris: Paul Nicolaides (cit-blue@PRIMENET.COM).

Duck and Cover (California Ale): 1996 April 12-14

Hosted by Sunset and Pennyroyal at Camp Hess Kramer in Malibu. $85 per person. Contact the squires for more details. These are the mass dances:
Pennyroyal Squire
Sue (Whittelsey) Blakey

Sunset Squire
Denis Buxton

Midwest Morris Ale: 1996 Memorial Day

From a posting to the MDDL 1996 Jan 8:
Ann Arbor Morris & Sword will be hosting the 1996 Midwest Morris Ale. It will be held on Memorial Day Weekend (Friday evening through Monday morning) at Camp FreshAir (a U of M owned camp) near the town of Hell, Michigan. It is the same camp we used in 1988 (the last time AAM&S hosted the Midwest Ale). As was done in 1988, we extend an open invitation to any and all morris teams and we are assembling an address list (email, US Post Office, phone, and FAX) so we can contact as many teams as possible. We plan to send registration materials out beginning in three weeks or so. If you are not on a team that was at last year's Midwest Ale (to whom we will automatically send stuff) please let me know you'd like the paperwork sent to you. I can be contacted via email (

14th Annual Mixed Morris Ale: 1996 May 24-27

As usual, along the Connecticut/New York border. Sponsored by New Haven Morris and Sword.
Barbara Ruth

21st Marlboro Morris Ale: 1996 Memorial Day

In Marlboro Vermont.

3rd Annual Santa Cruz Spring Tour: 1996 June 2 (Trinity)

Contact Seabright squire Ruth Temple for more details.

Thornden Morris Quinceanera Ale: 1996 June 21-23

In Syracuse, New York as celebration of Thornden's 15th anniversary. Contact Heather Holmes for more details.

Toronto Ale: 1996 Labour Day (Aug 31 - Sep 2)

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Try contacting David Meddows-Taylor as for more info, or look at his WWW pages for Green Fiddle Morris.

Harvest Ale: 1996 Oct 11-13

In central Massachusetts organized by Wake Robin and Juggler Meadow.

Politic-Ale 96: 1996 Oct 12-14

This is the 1996 Bluemont Ale, with an election-year theme. On the Potomac River shadowed by the Blue Ridge Mountains of Maryland and Virginia.

Steve Allen <>