Ales held in 1997

Ales were annual springtime celebrations which attracted folks from all over a shire. From the 17th thru 19th centuries they were held at numerous locations around England. Morris was one of the centerpiece sports at the ales. These 20th century ales revive the conditions under which the morris thrived.
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New Zealand Morris Tour: 1996 Dec 28-1997 Jan 5

In Hastings, New Zealand. Contact Richard Gibbs <> or David Barnes <>.

Bedlam Bells Morris 4th Annual RenFest Mini Ale: 1997 March 1-2

Phoenix, Arizona. Bring a tent and a Renaissance costume. Contact Paul Nicolaides <blue@SYSPAC.COM>.

VirtuAle: 1997 April 25-27

Follow the link for more exciting details!

Marlboro Ale: 1997 Memorial Day

Mixed Morris Ale: 1997 Memorial Day

The east coast mixed morris ale did not occur during 1997.

Midwest Morris Ale: 1997 Memorial Day

This year in Wisconsin. Follow the link for more details.

London Ale: 1997 June 6-8

Ontario, Canada.

Vancouver, BC Ale: 1997 Aug 22-24

The Vancouver teams join together to hold this event at Camp Alexandra, Crescent Beach, just south of Vancouver. Room for about 170. Contact Graham Baldwin <>.
The tentative schedule of dance outs is at the WWW site.

Toronto Ale: 1997 Labour Day (Aug 29 - Sep 1)

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Try contacting David Meddows-Taylor as for more info, or look at his WWW pages for Green Fiddle Morris.

Lexington Day of Mixed Morris Dance: 1997 Sep 13

Circa Lexington, Kentucky. Contact Andy Klapper <>.

Pipe and Bowl Fall Morris Ale: 1997 Sep 20

At Northern CA Renaissance Faire.

BlueMont Ale: 1997 Oct 10-12

Near Frederick, MD (in the beautiful Potomac Valley, near the Blue Ridge). Over 20 teams from the US, Canada, and England confirmed. Contact Bruce Henderson <>.

New Zealand Spring Equinox Tour: 1997 Sep 14

In New Plymouth, New Zealand. Contact Anne and Rhys <> or Andy Smith <> or David Barnes <>.

New Zealand Morris Tour: 1998 Jan 3-10

In Christchurch and North Canterbury, New Zealand. Contact Anne and Rhys <> or Andy Smith <> or David Barnes <>.

13th Annual Minnesota Midwinter Ale: 1998 January 9-11

Hosted by Uptown on Calhoun. See their web page for details.

Steve Allen <>