Ales held in 1998

Ales were annual springtime celebrations which attracted folks from all over a shire. From the 17th thru 19th centuries they were held at numerous locations around England. Morris was one of the centerpiece sports at the ales. These 20th century ales revive the conditions under which the morris thrived.
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New Zealand Morris Tour: 1998 Jan 3-10

In Christchurch and North Canterbury, New Zealand. Contact Anne and Rhys <> or Andy Smith <> or David Barnes <>.

13th Annual Minnesota Midwinter Ale: 1998 January 9-11

Hosted by Uptown on Calhoun. See their web page for details.

The 13th Annual Half Moon Sword Ale: 1998 February 14-15

Hosted in New York City by Half Moon Sword. Contact Yonina Gordon <judy_gordon@MCGRAW-HILL.COM> for more details.

The 5th Annual Free For Ale: 1998 March 6-8

Hosted by Bedlam Bells Morris at the Arizona Ren Faire. Contact Paul Nicolaides using one of the links for more details.

The California Ale: 1998 April 10-12

Hosted by Berkeley Morris in celebration of 21 years of dancing. For the sake of spectators, they are providing a schedule of dancing at the ale. Contact Michael Jones <> for registration details.

Vernal Perambulation circa Gilbertsville, New York: 1998 April 19-20

Hosted by the Binghamton Men.

Midwest Morris Ale: 1998 May 23-26 (Memorial Day)

Hosted by Maroon Bells Morris of Boulder Colorado. Contact Stephanie Schmitz <schmitzs@COLORADO.EDU> or Dennis Barrett <> for details.

The Marlboro Morris Ale: 1998 May 23-26 (Memorial Day)

In Marlboro, Vermont for the 23rd year.

AffordabAle: 1998 June 5-7

Hosted by the Foggy Bottom Morris Men in Frederick, MD. Cost not likely to exceed $20/head. Contact Bill Brown <> for registration details.

The London Ontario Ale: 1998 June 5-7

Contact Green Fiddle Morris for more details.

Steve Allen <>