Seabright Morris

Schedule for 1994

Sun April 17    3 PM    full dress practice dance   Jade Street Park, Capitola

Sun May 1       5:45AM  May Day dance up the sun    Santa Cruz Lighthouse
			more thru the day

S/S May 7 & 8   All Day Whole Earth Festival        Davis

Sun May 22      Whitsunday      Henry V, Act II, Scene iv, line 18
		11 AM   Tour with Mayfield          Greater Santa Cruz

Sat May 28              look for all the morris dancers at southern Ren. Faire

Sat June 4      12-5    Tour with Deer Creek and Red Tail

S/S June 11-12  10-6    Redwood Mountain Faire      Highland Park, Ben Lomond

Sun June 19             Parade with White Rat's Morris in SF
Sun June 19     11-5    Berkeley Morris Tour        SC & SLV

Sun June 26     11-4    Vintners' Festival          Santa Cruz Mountain Wineries
Seabright's spontaneous touring season ends at Midsummer
Sun July 3      10-5    Mayfield & Ramsey's Braggerts in Santa Cruz

Sat Oct 22      2 PM    Volunteer Festival          Capitola Mall

Mon Nov 21      6PM     Porter College Night Dinner UCSC

Sat Dec 31  Afternoon   First Night                 DownTown Santa Cruz
	    & Evening   Mayfield Morris & Sword entertains the town

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