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Seabright Morris

Trinity Small Ale

Sunday 1996 June 2

Seabright Morris Third Annual Small Ale

Scores of Morris Dancers come to Santa Cruz

Seabright Morris invites any and all to observe a re-creation of English springtime festivals. Morris dancing teams from around the greater Bay Area will gather to perform in Santa Cruz on Sunday, June 2.

From the 17th through 19th centuries there were shire-wide fairs known as ``ales'' held all over England during the week following Whitsunday. One of the sports contested at the ales was morris dancing. These ales died out, and with them went much of the morris. A century ago morris dancing was rescued from the brink of extinction. The revived morris teams now produce their own ales.

Santa Cruz has long been a favorite touring spot for the Bay Area teams. Seabright Morris is now pleased to host them as they visit. The dancers will strap bells on their legs, colorful ribbons on their clothing and perform to the sounds of pipe, fiddle, and squeezboxes. In this way we help close out this year's Whit-week of festivities being celebrated in England and elsewhere in America.

  1 PM          Santa Cruz Lighthouse

  3 PM          Dancing at three separate locations:

		Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz
		Dominican Oaks
		3400 Paul Sweet Rd., Santa Cruz
		Hallcrest Vineyards
		379 Felton Empire Rd., Felton

  4:30 PM       Felton Commons Park
		near the Felton Covered Bridge

  6 PM          Boulder Brewing Company
		13040 Hwy 9, Boulder Creek

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