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Come! Watch and join Seabright Morris and Sword

It would be unfair to say that there are no rules about how to join us, but it would be unfair to say that there are any rules about how to join us. We are neither big nor organized enough for absolutes.

The text from our 1995 recruitment flyer is online. Feel free to contact us and get more information about what we are doing.

Cotswold Morris

In general, Cotswold beginners have started with us in the autumn and practiced until spring to get it all figured out. However dedicated beginners have started as late as January and done fine. For beginners who are ready to be initiated there is a Kit Sewing Party (usually during March) which immediately precedes the spring dancing season.

The best arrangement is to visit and meet us at practice during the summer months and get involved with a personal tutor to help during the first few weeks. Joining at other seasons is possible, but we don't perform much outside the spring.


Sword requires more cooperation the Cotswold. The team becomes tightly linked during the practice and performance. Seabright's sword team is newer and smaller, and has even fewer precedents and procedures than the Cotswold. At present it's possible to join sword at any time.


A distinguishing feature of the morris is that it is uniformly danced to live music. Musicians who love to play lively folk tunes are very precious. New musicians who would like to perform with the team may show up at any time and practice alongside the existing fiddlers and pipers. While it's not a fast-track to success, quite a few good morris musicians have proceeded on to world-wide folk fame.

The cunning plan

Given those disclaimers, this is the plan for 1996-7: July is sword practice on Wednesdays. August and September are off due to Northern RPF and the need for a break. October starts up Cotswold practice on Wednesdays and sword/mumming/singing on Sundays. November and December Cotswold practices are open to any beginners. February thru May are intense Cotswold.
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