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From: Poul-Henning Kamp <>
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 18:44:56 +0200

In message <>, Steve Allen writes:
>On Thu 2005-08-11T14:40:10 +0200, Poul-Henning Kamp hath writ:
>> Because the food industry is required to provide trackability for
>> food and the requirement is UTC time.
>Not over here it isn't. I'm pretty sure the time stamps on the milk
>cartons are local time, and I don't think I care much whether the
>clock on the dairy was accurate to a minute.

You don't. The food FDA does. The knowledge may not have left the
dairy's computers, but the moment 8 people get sick in the same
neighborhood, the FDA will be matching batch-numbers and asking for
production lots, timestamps, production line coincidence etc etc.

I know the USA is a bit less tighthly regulated, but over here
the law is that the identities and addresses of all employees
who have been involved in the production of a given unit of
milk product SHALL be available within 6 hours of the question
being asked.

I have noticed that when ground beef in the USA is recalled,
it is often in quantities of hundreds of tons, which might
indicate that a quite granular approach is being taken, over
here they usuall just cancel a few hundred kilos.

>It seems to me that this one would be pretty simple to fix.
>If every factory started using TAI (or, horrors, GPS time)
>and a few lobbyists went to the government to have TAI declared
>as a legal time scale (just as the metric system was declared legal
>here well over a century ago, and it, in truth, the actual standard
>by which things operate) then there could hardly be as much objection
>as the dairies are having right now to the new Daylight Saving Time

You think making a such legislative change to time will be that
easy in the country which has not yet gone metric ? :-)

I hate to repeat this again and again, but any solution which
is predicated on "fixing the computers" is not economically
feasible in the short term.

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