The complete and up to date CV is available upon request.

2005-2006: National University of Mongolia - College of Law
2007-2011: University of Arizona - Bachelor of Science, Astrophysics
2011-: University of California, Santa Cruz - pursuing PhD in Astrophysics

Human Languages: English, Mongolian (native), Russian (used to be proficient), Persian (beginner)
Programming Languages: IDL, C, FORTRAN

Honors and Scholarships:
2012: GSR Division Award, UCSC
2011: Undergraduate Research Award, UofA
2011: Arizona Astronomy Board Scholarship
2010: Astronomy Department Scholarship, UofA
2010: Galileo Circle Scholarship, UofA
2009-2011: Glenn C. Purviance Scholar, UofA
2007-2011: International Student Scholar, UofA

Previous Positions
2010-Summer: Summer Research Student at STSci
2009-Summer: Research Assistant at Steward Observatory
2007-2009: Math Tutor at University of Arizona
2007-2008: Telescope Operator at the 21" Raymond E.White Telescope

Refereed Publications:

“Overshooting and Entrainment in the Upper Main Sequence”
Sukhbold, T; Meakin, C., Woosley, S., in preparation

"The Compactness of Presupernova Stellar Cores"
Sukhbold, T; Woosley, S., submitted to ApJ (2013)

Presupernova Structure of Massive Stars
Meakin, C; Sukhbold, T; Arnett, D.
Astrophysics and Space Science, Volume 336, Issue 1, pp.123-128 (2011).

Periodic Variables and Gyrochronology in NGC2301
Sukhbold, T and Howell, S.
PASP, Volume 121, Issue 885, pp. 1188-1204, (2009).

A Progress Report on the Carbon Dominated Atmosphere White Dwarfs
Dufour, P.; Liebert, J.; Swift, B.; Fontaine, G.; Sukhbold, T.
Journal of Physics, Proceedings for the 16th European White Dwarf Workshop, (2009).

Other Publications:

"Infrared Background Fluctuations From HST/WFC3"
Dolch, Timothy; Ferguson, H. C.; Koekemoer, A. M.; Sukhbold, T.; Chary, R.; Cooray, A.; Ravindranath, S.
AAS Meeting #217, #231.06; Bulletin of the AASociety, Vol. 43, (2011).

“Identifying White Dwarfs in the KEPLER Field”
Sukhbold, T ; Holberg, J; Howell, S.
AAS Meeting #215, #452.01; Bulletin of the AASociety, Vol. 41, p.461, (2010).

The astronomical observatory of the Land of Blue Skies
Kolenberg, K.; Batmunkh, D.; Batsukh, G.; Tsolmon, R.; Tuguldur, S.
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 118, Issue 1, pp. 012061 (2008).

Presentations and Posters:

"Compactness of Presupernova Stellar Cores" [Presentation]
FLASH, UCSC (June, 2013)

"Compactness of Presupernova Stellar Cores" [Poster]
High Energy Astrophysics Division, AAS (April, 2013)

"The Bimodal Variation of the Compactness in Massive Stars" [Presentation]
Stellar Hydrodynamics Workshop, LANL (Apr, 2012)

“Overshooting and Mass Entrainment in the Upper Main Sequence” [Presentation]
Scientific Lunch Talks, NOAO (Dec, 2010)

“Turbulent Mixing in Massive Stars” [Presentation]
TASC, Caltech (Oct, 2010)

“On the Source of the Near-IR Background Light in HUDF” [Poster]
Student Research Showcase, UofArizona (Oct, 2010)

“On the Source of the Diffuse Background light in HUDF” [Presentatoin]
STSci Summer Colloquium (Aug, 2010)

“Identifying White Dwarfs in the KEPLER Field” [Poster]
AAS meeting, DC (Jan, 2010)

“S-Process Nucleosynthesis in AGB Stars” [Presentation]
Steward Observatory Board Meeting, UofArizona (Nov, 2009)

“Periodic Variables and Gyrochronology in NGC2301” [Presentation]
Undergraduate Research Symposium, Physics Department (May, 2009)