Feel free to contact me regarding any of more than 800 models published in Sukhbold and Woosley (2013). Below is the Table 1 from the paper summarizing all calculations. See the paper for the details of input physics and differences between various series.

KEPLER is a pretty mature 1D implicit lagrangian hydrodynamic code. Unlike typical 1D stellar evolution codes (Henyey method), it actually solves the full set of hydrodynamic differential equations. Currently the code is not publicly available, though there is some discussion going on to make it public (but not in the very near future).
In comparison, MESA is an actively evolving open source code, with rapidly growing number of users and developers. Please note that we have used it in a limited way just to make some comparisons and to demonstrate specific features. In order to reproduce the published results, you will need to use only version r4930.

[Download] a sample massive star and bare CO core inlist for MESA

Movies (update in progress will be ready in few days)

Here you can download several convection plot movies that are relevant to the KEPLER calculations performed in Sukhbold and Woosley (2013):
[Download] convection movie for S-series
[Download] convection movie for U-series
[Download] convection movie for KS-series
[Download] convection movie for KU-series

Photometry of NGC2301

All of the basic data published in Sukhbold and Howell (2009) are available through the VizieR data base. Please contact me if you need anything more specific.

Other Stuff (update in progress)

[Download] DYI: how to make a cool cell phone using the Arduino platform
[Download] My notes on building a 6" f/29 Schiefspiegler design telescope"
[Download] My notes on quitting smoking
[Download] My notes on congenital heart disease