Dr. Steven S. Vogt

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GJ 667C Artistic Renderings

Automated Planet Finder Dome with Steve Vogt exiting

Artistic representation of the planet candidates around GJ 667C. Estimations of possible climatic conditions have been used to obtain physically realistic visualizations. Planets are sorted from closer to the star (hotter, left) to more distant and cold orbits (right). Planets c, f, and e are the most likely habitable candidates. Image credit: Rene Heller

Artistic Rendering of GJ 667 C Planet

Artistic rendering of the GJ 667 star system as viewed from planet d. The brightest star is GJ 667C, while GJ 667A and 667B are the two fainter stars of this triple system toward the upper right. Also visible just to the left of 667C is planet e in crescent phase. Image credit: ESO / M. Kornmesser