Astronomy 12 Links

Pretty Pictures and Miscellaneous
Skyview - a virtual multi-wavelength observatory
(This multi-wavelength "virtual observatory" by Thomas McGlynn allows you to dial up any part of the sky and ask to see what it looks like in various bands of the electro-magnetic spectrum. You can also find specific objects, such as the brightest stars.
Caution - the optical here is almost TOO sensitive. If you look at bright stars and objects they will flood the field with light.)
Picture galary from Hubble Space Telescope
Images from the new Chandra X-Ray Astronomy Facility
X-ray Multi-Mirror Mission website
An astronomical dictionary
Explore various topics - a tutorial
Colorful - public lecture on violent events in the cosmos
Notes from Bill Press' introductory astrophysics course at Harvard. More technical than ours...
More links to links, especially astronomy courses at other universities
Hypertext astronomy textbook
Black Holes
Remotely operated telescope
Remotely operated telescope
Remotely operated telescope
General description of particle physis and the standard model
(In particular, there is a nice one page summary you should check out.)
The Messier Catalog
Many beautiful color pictures from the southern hemisphere (Anglo Australian Telescope). But read the copyright notice.
Another collection of beautiful photos from the European Southern Observatory.
The image collection of the National Opical Astronomy Observatories
Shows the orbits of the satellites and their ground path in roughly realtime.
From the Institute for Theoretical Physics
Kirshner discussing the age, size, and expansion rate of the universe (just images from a talk).
The HEASARC is a source of gamma-ray, X-ray, and extreme ultraviolet observations of cosmic (non-solar) sources.

Scientific American Articles
The Magnificent Cosmos (Scientific American article)

Look in particular at the articles by the following authors: Marcy, Angel, Starrfield, Peebles, Freedman and Rubin.
The standard model for particle physics - and its future
Deuterium production in the Big Bang
Climate change on Mars
Gamma-ray Bursts
Nearterm greenhouse effects - the Earth
The greenhouse effect and the ancient earth
Cosmic rays