HIRedux Extraction

All Obj
hires_allobj :: Run all extraction routines described below. At present, I tend to run the extraction steps separately to check the progress of the code. Currently, it is preferable to run hires_allobj with these options:
IDL> hires_allobj , hires, 1, /procall

Process the Image

  1. hires_proc :: Bias subtract and flat field the Raw image. This routine takes the index number of the hires structure as input or keywords setup and obj. The index number is the integer in the first column of the file 'hires.list'. The resulting image is output in 'Final/' and is a flattened flux and inverse variance fits file (one gzipped fits image with two extensions per file). Output is 'Final/f_name.fits'
        Example: IDL> hires_proc, hires, SETUP=setup, OBJ=obj_id
        Example: IDL> rslt = hires_proc_sngl('rawfil', [chip])
        Time : 1min per image
        Check : xatv, 'Final/f_name.fits'

  2. hires_objcr (Optional, recommended with caution) :: Compares two or more images to identify cosmic rays. For two images, it uses the difference of the two images scaled to the exposure times and is quite conservative. One should NOT use this on multiple exposures of the same object if the object has moved along the slit.
        Example: IDL> hires_objcr, hires, setup, obj_id, chip, [exp], /CHK
        Time : 3min per pair

Identify and Trace the Object

Sky Subtraction


Last modified 2005-10-10