Summary Figs of Quasar Spectra for the Statistical Sample

This page shows all of the spectra for the quasars that have a non-zero path-length for the LLS search for the S/N=2 threshold. In each fig, the dark blue line traces the continuum, the green line traces the continuum convolved with LLS absorption. The red points (with intervals) show the mean flux in 100 pixel windows. The orange curve traces the 1sigma error array. Finally, the vertical lines show [i] the Lyman limit at the quasar redshift (gray; dash-dot); [ii] an offset of dz=0.4 from the quasar Lyman limit (gray; dotted); and [iii] the wavelength where the S/N drops below our criterion (cyan; dashed).

Quasar Statistical Sample (Spectra+Model)

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