Visitor Information

Recommended Attire: Casual, comfortable clothing and walking shoes. A sweater or light coat is recommended, along with a flashlight for walking around at night. Red light flashlights are preferred, especially around the telescopes.

Travel: Please allow a one hour drive from San Jose. The event typically lasts between 4 and 6 hours; prepare to drive home late in the evening. Directions are available here.

Food: Light snacks, coffee, and refreshments will be available for purchase. We recommend packing a picnic to enjoy at the observatory before the event begins.

Telescope Viewing: In order to view through the telescopes, guests will receive a numbered pass at the door. Guests with the lowest telescope numbers are admitted to the telescopes first - so we recommend getting to the observatory early!

Preferred Guest Information: As a preferred guest, you will recieve a numbered pass for preferential viewing. Please note: VIP ticket holders also have priority viewing.

VIP Guest Information: The VIP experience will begin promptly 2.5 hours before the concert, so please allow a one hour drive from San Jose.

Meet at the Visitors Center in the main observatory building to start your special tour of the Shane 3-meter telescope. After the tour, enjoy a catered light buffet dinner with wine before the concert begins.

As a VIP guest, you will receive a numbered pass to view through the telescope. Guests with the lowest telescope numbers get to view through the telescope first – that’s you!

Please note: Due to historic construction of the telescope domes, the 36-inch Refractor and the 40-inch Nickel Telescope are not wheelchair accessible at this time.

Mountain View