Simple Forms Calculator

There are several reasons to use a symbolic algebra program for calculations involving differential forms. The antisymmetric multiplication makes it difficult to get the sign right, for one thing. Another important use is the amount you will learn about forms if you actually write such a system. This is a project in progress and some of this material is missing and all of it is provisional.

The systems here are written in Mathematica. I would love to have them ported to Maple, and would be willing to work with any volunteers. I would like to see how complicated these are in maple.

Simple Forms Calculator

This one works in any number of dimensions. In fact it tries to work in an unspecified number of dimensions. Postscript instruction manual , HTML instruction manual (provisional) and Mathematica code

A file of definitions specific to Euclidean 3-space, euclid3.m , and Euclidean 2-space euclid2.m .

A test file in case you want to wring out your modifications: trip.m

Tiny Forms Calculator

This one works just with ordinary forms in three dimensional Euclidean space. This lets you see the guts of such a system without the complications of pretty printing, high dimensions, and twisted forms. Instruction manual (missing) , HTML instructions and Mathematica code