Interactive 3D Diagrams - WebOOGL and Geomview

For those who have Geomview (free) available to their browser, check this sample drawing. This was drawn originally in Mathematica, and then converted to OOGL. The Mathematica code that created the above picture.

Another example. In this view the three objects are not defined in the local oogl file, but have been retrieved over the net. Right clicking on any of the three objects will jump you over the net.

Spacetime origami. This is a spacetime diagram for the mouse sitting on the windowsill paradox. If you right click on the various strips in the spacetime diagram, you will call up explanations of that part of the diagram. Put the mosaic window where you can see it, under the picture for example.

You can use Tcl/Tk to control geomview. This allows you to vary the drawing while it is being displayed by Geomview. Here is a Tk script that will draw the basic origami reverse fold, and let you change the folding angle as well as move the creases on the paper. It is set up to call geomview itself. It can also be called from Geomview; look at the top of the script for instructions.

A static picture showing what you are missing if you are not using (free) Geomview. Here we have dodecahedra in hyperbolic space. In geomview these can be separately rotated and translated.

The Geomview picture of the dodecahedron. After you load this, get to hyperbolic geometry by typing mhmc, no return needed, with focus on the camera window. You can enlarge this by a factor of about 1.2 to get even more spectacular object, i.e. of nearly infinite size. The command is (scale g1 1.2) down on the Inspect menu.

Here is a pointer to a Useful Geomview URLs