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Lick Observatory

Software Engineer,
Card-Carrying Member of the Reality Based Community

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Programmer/analyst (aka software engineer) for UCO/Lick Observatory. Currently works on: RDBMS design/maint, GUIs for realtime instrument control, realtime control processes, automatic code generation tools, data visualisation, DS9 image display (adapting and expanding for local use), hardware qual testing and regression test harnesses, server-side cgi applications. Primary language Tcl/Tk; second languages SQL, C. Used to work on: system management, network management, sendmail, netcop issues. Used to write in (over the course of 2 decades): ALGOL-W, FOCAL, PDP-8 assembler, Forth, DCL, FORTRAN. Casual acquaintance with: Python, LISP. Hired at Lick 1980, full-time since 1981. See also Projects, Publications Contact: see below

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Info about Tcl/Tk at this site
One-sentence summary: "Tcl is a great language. Check it out!"
Next Bus
When is the next bus home? Good question. Try this page.
UCO/Lick Observatory
That's where I work.
CVS -- a beginner's guide
By request of my friends and colleagues. This no-brainer introduction to CVS became strangely controversial in the Fall of 1999. [Cf Henry VI Part II, Dick to Jack Cade.]
Dealing with Spammers
When I was PostMaster here I tried to deal with UCEs, spams, scams, etc. which showed up in our local mail to the annoyance of our users. The rising incidence of junk mail over time made it hard for me to respond to all of the incidents, so I wrote this DIY page for anyone who's been irritated by junk email. It is somewhat dated now but may still be educational.
Bus Schedules
Bus-rider resources for UCSC staff, students, and faculty.
Personal Home Page
Stuff I do outside work: op/eds, rants, hobbies and that kind of stuff. Info here about car-free living, sailing, cargo bikes, organic gardening and more.
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The UC Regents don't care if my code works for you or not, so there are no guarantees. Read the COPYRIGHT statement on anything you download from us. Everything you get from us is free. As software ought to be. :-)
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