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This is my personal homepage. My professional home page is here.
Updates may take place at any time, links may sometimes be incomplete.
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A Safe Subject: The Weather
A few handy links for checking on the local weather.
Transportation Matters
Some useful links about alternatives to the private automobile.
Not-so-Safe Subjects
Everyone's got their opinions and I certainly have my share. If you want to know what I think or what reading I have found useful about such things as the WTO, IMF, Monsanto, 9/11 and other hot topics, go here. If you don't like controversy, don't go here.
Interested in Stirling Engines?
This is a fascinating also-ran in the history of combustion engines: the heavy, low-power, but efficient external combustion Stirling design.
Photo Album
I finally got a scanner working with my Linux box. With a scanner and GIMP, a person might never sleep again...
Speaking of GIMP, here are the results of some pleasantly wasted hours playing with it.
Hobbies and suchlike
What I do when I'm not at work (when was that?)
Internet Humour
Well, I thought it was funny anyway.
(Picture of De)
Sure beats working . . .


The UC Regents don't care if my code works for you or not, so there are no guarantees. Read the COPYRIGHT statement on anything you download from us. Everything you get from us is free. As software ought to be. :-)
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