Practical Applications of a Relational Meme (Keyword) Database

offered by The Scientific Programming Group

UCO / Lick Observatory

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A newer project page is now available. We would prefer that you visit that page. This page has been preserved only for your convenience.

Documentation of Project Scope and History

You might want to read the Draft Documents which partially explain the scope, intent, and history of this stuff. Note: the docs are also work in progress.

You can also read the ADASS abstract for this project, and the ADASS presentation script.

Demos of Output Products

To try out some of these reports, try the Demos Page and the New Project Page, which permit you to run some reports for yourself, and to look at output from other tools which you can't (today) run via the Web.

User Instructions and Notes

To find out what it's like to use the database for keyword documentation and design, see these notes which were written for our team members here at the DEIMOS project: Usage Notes.

of interest only to our developers:
A Public Service of UCO/Lick Observatory
Courtesy of the Scientific Programming Group
Using Sybase Server, Tcl, HTML