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Welcome to Jürg Diemand's Homepage at UCO/Lick Observatory

I'm a Hubble Fellow (SNF Fellow until 9/2006) at UCO/Lick Observatory. My main research interest is the formation of dark matter structures in Cosmology. I am also working on the distribution of the first black holes and the kinematics of stellar halos and globular cluster systems. For details see the papers on astro/ph, SPIRES HEP or NASA ADS.

Before coming to Santa Cruz (fall 2004) I worked on my PhD-thesis with Ben Moore at the University of Zürich.
email: diemand 'at'
Office:ISB, #349
Phone:831 459 25 26
Fax:831 426 31 15

a small part of the Via Lactea halo

The first structures in the early universe

See the news articles on, and
Additional pictures of these first structures are available here.

More simulation pictures and movies

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