Elinor Gates

Staff Astronomer

Lick Observatory
PO Box 85
Mount Hamilton, CA 95140

Phone:  408-238-9610
Email:   egates@ucolick.org 

Research Interests:

Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics
Near-Infrared Camera Technologies
Quasar Host Galaxies

  • UCO/Lick Observatory 

    Multi-campus research unit of the University of California:  Lick Observatory, Keck Observatory, UCLA Infrared Instrument Lab, and the Technical Shops at UCSC.

  • Mount Hamilton

    Technical information for observers about the telescope and instruments available at Lick Observatory on Mt. Hamilton.

  • Flickr

    Photographs of Lick Observatory activities and events, Mount Hamilton flora and fauna, and my world travels.

  • Blog - Cosmic Strings

    My blog covering random musings on science, nature, my travels, and any other things that pop into my head.  Note: rarely updated at this time.

  • Theater/Opera

    I sing in operas and operettas as a hobby.  Photos and roles I've performed.

YouTube Channel 

Nickel Telescope Images

Asteroid (2650) Elinor