Donald T. Gavel
UC Observatories
Director, Laboratory for Adaptive Optics, (retired)

Research Interests

Hello, I've been at the Lick Observatory (now called UC Observatories) since 2002. Up to my retirement in 2017, I was director of the Laboratory for Adaptive Optics doing research and development of instrumentation for astronomical telescopes and also aiding the Biology department in developing adaptive optics for medical microscopy. Prior to that, I worked as a research engineer in the Lasers division at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Since retirement, I've been a part time consultant for the Observatory, working with students and scientists on various new AO technology projects. My research interests over the years have covered a broad range of topics as they've touched on the field of astronomical instrumentation and my own interests: Adaptive Optics, design of Telescopes and Instrumentation, Lasers, EM Wave Optics, Systems and Data Modeling, Real-time Control Software, applied Mathematics, Physics, Astrophysics, Project Management, and Economics. Recently I've become interested in the Earth Futures Group started by Professor (Emerita) Sandra Faber, which studies the long time horizon future of the Earth and mankind.

My Book Chapters

Handbook of Astronomical Instrumentation

My Theory Papers

Instruments I've Worked On

Keck Adaptive Optics