Jessica Werk

Hubble Postdoctoral Fellow


I am especially interested in the most extended, gaseous components of galaxies as they relate to the gas flows that are thought to dominate galaxy formation and evolution.  I study the properties of galaxies in two largely unexplored regimes: (1) the disk-halo interface in nearby galaxies; and (2) the ionized halo gas of low and intermediate redshift galaxies that extends out to 400 kpc. Generally, I am an observer with expertise in optical and UV spectroscopy and photometry, who has had experience observing at nearly all wavelengths at many space and ground-based telescopes across the world.


Research Interests

I am an astrophysicist at the University of California, Santa Cruz who studies gas in and around galaxies.


phone: 831-459-3809

office: ISB 111

Image Credit: CXC/M.Weiss (Intergalactic Gas)

E. Carretti (CSIRO), E. Bressert (CSIRO), A. Mellinger (CMU)