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List Of Internet Resources

Examples of dot-files, such as .cshrc, .login, and .xsession, useful commands, and other various resources which will hopefully be of use to you, can be found in the directory /usr/local/examples.
Man Pages are your default help in Unix. If all else fails, check the man page. They make great references, especially for command arguments, but are not tutorials.
Email is the best way to communicate with system administrators, and various other staff, who can answer your questions or otherwise resolve your difficulties if necessary.
The World Wide Web is clearly something you at least know a little about, since you are using it right now to read this. But perhaps you don't realize what a terrific resource it is from site-specific stuff, to worldwide information.
ftp, or File Transfer Protocol, allows you to freely download information and software, as well as login to remote sites as a guest.

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