Activity Codes for UCO/Lick Shops
Updated 15 February 2013

Shops "General" (non-project-related) Labor Codes for Web time sheets.

Meetings, non-project related admin work
LADMNP Admin support of projects
LFURLO Furlough hours
Other leave, jury duty, leave without pay
LOCCDH Another TF Lab does work for CCD Lab
LOCOFL Coating labor
LOCOFM Another TF Lab does work for Coatings
Instrument labor
LOINSM Another TF Lab does work for Instrument
LOINSX Instrument labor estimating
Engineering labor
LOENGM Another TF Lab does work for Engineering
LOENGX Engineering labor estimating
LOELEL Electronics labor
LOELEM Another TF Lab does work for Electronics
LOELEX Electronics labor estimating
Optics labor
LOOPTM Another TF Lab does work for Optics
LOOPTX Optics labor estimating

*When ordering materials, use the first five letters for your lab. The final letter is D for expendibles (frequently replaced items, general inventory), and A for durables (tools, furniture, etc. - rarely used).

Other Lick/Keck/Mt. Hamilton Codes (labor and materials)

Code Definition
KW097F SAO Binospec (Harland Epps must approve!)
KW102G MH Wireless Network Installation
KW121B DEIMOS Detector Upgrade Study
KW122E KAST Dewar 7 Detector Upgrade
KW122F UCAM Controller Upgrade
KW127A UC Foundation Medal
KW131A LRIS Spacers
KW137B Ammon Aperture Mask
MHTAOR TF support of Mt. Hamilton AO repairs and replacement-labor (Kostas)
MHTCSS TF support of Mt. Hamilton telescope operations-labor (Kostas)
MHTINS TF support of Mt. Hamilton instrument maintenance-labor (Kostas)
MHTOPC MH Telescope Optical cleaning
MHTOPT TF support of Mt. Hamilton mirror maintenance-labor (Kostas)
MHTPFC Mt. Ham Prime Focus Camera non-workorder repairs-labor (Kostas)
MHTELE Mt. Ham Telescope Electronics (Kostas)
MHZPEM TV mounts for visitor center

Coating Chamber Upgrade Project (Dave Cowley or Drew Phillips approves)

Code Definition
KDCCHC Durable Coat Chiller/ Compressor
KDCCHI Durable Coat CHiller Fac Install
KDCCRD Durable Coat CRyopump Design
KDCCRF Durable Coat CRyopump Fab
KDCSWD Durable Coat SWingarm Design
KDCSWF Durable Coat SWingarm Fab
KDCSPD Durable Coat SPuttering Design
KDCSPF Durable Coat SPuttering Fab
KDCPM Durable Coat Proj Mgmt
KDCPMG Durable Coat Proj Mgmt Gen
KDCPMA Durable Coat Proj Mgmt Analyst
KDCPIT Durable Coat P.I. Travel (Phillips only)
KDCPIP Durable Coat P.I. Publications (Phillips only)
KDCPIX Durable Coat P.I. Experiments (Phillips only)

Keck Cosmic Web Imager (KCWI)

KCWFBF B-Camera Barrel Fab
KCWFBO B-Camera Barrel Optics Assembly
KCWFBC B-Camera Barrel Assembly
KCWFBT B-Camera Barrel Test
KCWFBR B-Camera Barrel Reviews

Mt. Hamilton Instrument Maintenance Labor Codes (Kostas Chloros approves)

MH T L C M MH Tele CAT - Motors
MH T L C O MH Tele CAT - Other
MH T L C T MH Tele CAT - Telescope
MH T L H L MH Tele Hamilton Slit Room
MH T L H S MH Tele Hamilton Spectrograph
MH T L K S MH Tele KAST Spectrograph
MH T L N C MH Tele Nickel Direct Imaging
MH T L N D MH Tele Nickel Dome Control
MH T L N T MH Tele Nickel Telescope Control
MH T L N U MH Tele Nickel TUB
MH T L P C MH Tele PFCAM - Camera
MH T L P M MH Tele PFCAM - Motors
MH T L R O MH Tele Remote Observing
MH T L S 3 MH Tele Shane 3rd Mirror Control
MH T L S 5 MH Tele Shane 5th Mirror Control
MH T L S A MH Tele Shane AO
MH T L S D MH Tele Shane Dome Control
MH T L S T MH Tele Shane Telescope Control
MH T L S U MH Tele Shane TUB
MH T L U C MH Tele Ucam - Non Guider
MH T L U G MH Tele Ucam - Guider
MH T L V A MH Tele AO Villages
MH T L W O MH Tele Weather Monitoring

APF Labor and Material Codes (Matt Radovan and Dave Cowley approve)

Code Definition
KW112E Spectrograph
KW112F Dome

GPI (Don Gavel approves)

Code Definition
LOGAV1 General
LOGAVZ Cold chamber
LOGAFP Facility Prep
LOGPFT Perform Flexure Tests (Rigging)
LOGX03 XI03 Install IFS (Rigging)
LOGX05 GPI Cal Subsystem Time & Materials

MRI (IRCAL): (Don Gavel approves)

WBS Level 1 WBS Level 2 Activity Code
Project Project Management KMRPPM
System Engineering KMRPSE
Scientific Management / Advisory KMRPSM
Preliminary Design Review KMRPPD
Final Design Review KMRPFD
Pre-ship Review KMRPPR
Financial Support KMRPFS
Laser Guidestar Port laser from 1 meter KMRLPL
Laser launch and diagnostics system KMRLLL
Adaptive Optics System Design new relay optics KMRADN
Design new relay opto-mechanics KMRADM
Optics table and structure KMRAOT
Control computer and programming KMRACC
Assembly Laboratory Integration KMRAAL
Scientist Support KMRASS
Science Camera Camera project management KMRCCP
Install new detector KMRCID
Install new camera readout electronics KMRCIM
Repair/replace moving mechanisms in dewar KMRCRM
Laboratory cooldown and testing KMRCLC
Camera system delivery KMRCCS
Support during I&T KMRCSD
Supervisory Software System Software system design KMRSSD
Software system integration KMRSSI
System Integration and Test KMRIXX
Telescope Integration KMRTXX
On-sky Commissioning KMROXX


Code Definition
KN343U Mechanical Engineering
KNS20U Filter Wheel Design