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Echellette Spectrograph and Imager

The ESI instrument is a versatile, multi-mode spectrograph and imager. There are two distinct spectroscopic modes: a medium-resolution echellette mode with prism cross dispersion; and a high-throughput mode using prism dispersion only. The spectrograph modes cover the full wavelength range of the Keck II silvered mirrors (3900 to 11000 A) in a single exposure. The low-resolution, prism-only mode provides the same spectral range, multi-object capability, and very high throughput. ESI also provides an imaging mode with a field of view of 2 arcmin x 8 arcmin. An Epps refracting camera and a single 2K x 4K detector are used for all three modes.
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Project Principal Investigator: Joe Miller (Director - UCO/Lick)
Co-Principal Investigators: Michael Bolte, Raja Guhathakurta, Dennis Zaritsky
Optical Designers: Brian Sutin, Harland Epps
Project Manager: David Cowley
Project Engineers: Matthew Radovan, Andrew Sheinis


ESI saw first light at Keck Observatory August 29, 1999. The instrument is now being fully utilized. See the Keck ESI page for the latest details.

Engineering and Operational Data

Pre-Ship Review Documents
Accumulated documents, images and test data for our pre-ship review.
A weekly schedule of expected usage is posted here. (Currently only accessible from domains and E-mail with inquiries)
Mechanical and Electronic Documentation
Accumulated documentation of the instrument mechanical and electronic stages.
Stage Data
Stage specific parameters
Instrument Electronic Schematics
Schematics and descriptions for the ESI Instrument Electronics.
CCD Controller Schematics
Schematics and descriptions for the ESI CCD Controller Electronics.
Troubleshooting help
Collection of possible problems and cures.
Papers written that pertain to the ESI project
Preliminary Documentation
Instrument requirements and design.

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