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  • Rebuilding the DEIMOS Package

    Rebuilding the DEIMOS Package

    1. Before starting IRAF, you must define a UNIX enviroment variable pointing to the directory where the DEIMOS package resides:
    setenv deimos /path_ending_in_slash/

    2. In IRAF, change to the package directory (should already be defined if the package has been installed), make sure the system architecture is correctly specified, and rebuild:

    cl>  cd deimos$
    cl>  mkpkg arch linux		# eg linux; also ssun, macosx, ...
    cl>  mkpkg -p deimos
    You should now load the package (deimos), or, if already loaded, do a flpr to force the newer version to be loaded.

    3. If you must recompile for some reason, then between the two mkpkg statements above, delete the current object code:

    cl>  cd deimos$
    cl>  mkpkg arch ...
    cl>  del src/libpkg.a,*.o
    cl>  mkpkg -p deimos
    This will force a full rebuild including recompilation.
    Last modified: 18dec2002

    Andrew C. Phillips / Lick Observatory