The UCSCLRIS Package

Working Draft (Currently under edit)!


The ucsclris package is a set of IRAF tasks written by Drew Phillips at Lick observatory for use with the Low Resolution Imaging Spectrograph (LRIS). This software, originally created as an aid to the DEEP group, is available for other users on a "use-at-your-own-risk" basis. It is not official Keck software nor is it supported by them, so send any comments to

Please note that EVERYTHING here is under development and may change without notice!

To get it: Via anonymous FTP at

  cd pub/users/phillips/
  get tar_ucsclris.XXX, 	where XXX=date of tarfile

Lick users: The UCSCLRIS package is in the extern package, so just type "ucsclris" to load it. To access the latest UCSCLRIS version, put the following in your

set	ucsclris="/net/savitri/d/ucsclris/"
task	ucsclris=ucsclris$
task	prep=ucsclris$

Keck users: The package is already defined in the default


This software makes use of the pickoff mirror.

BTW, much of this software is prototype for the DEIMOS project.


This software has been aided by ideas, discussions and measurements of many people, in particular Sandy Faber and Nicole Vogt. I'm also indebted to Judy Cohen at Caltech, who has provided a wealth of information about LRIS.
Andrew C. Phillips / Lick Observatory
Last modified: 17 feb 99