UCSC Science Internship Program (SIP) for High-School Students: Summer 2013

You've managed to find the OLD website for SIP. This site is no longer kept up to date. Click here for the new/current SIP website.

SIP 2013: Projects, Mentors, Events, and Website (UPDATED 11/20/2013)

Final SIP 2013 roster.

Recent press release about the SIP students success in the 2013 Siemens science competition.

The SIP 2013 events calendar is here.

Answers to frequently asked questions are here (a must-read for new SIP mentors).

Click here for Dr. Adina Paytan's High School Summer Internship program covering the areas of Earth Sciences, Marine Sciences, Oceanography, Geology, etc.

Useful Links

Key events/deadlines and Discovery Lectures
Unix/Logging in/IDL (very basic step-by-step instructions)
IDL tutorial links: list of IDL routines (alphabetical order) and tutorial
Python tutorial links: LINK 1, LINK 2, link 3, link 4, link 5, link 6, and making plots
Astronomy journal reference links: NASA/ADS and arXiv
Housing and commuting
Orientation session topics (brief outline)

News Stories

Natalie Portman was an Intel STS Semifinalist!
Intel STS Finalists: UCSC News and Events (SIP 2010)
Castilleja School News Blurb and Video (SIP 2010; video linked at the end of the blurb)
Story in UCSC News and Events (SIP 2009)

Relevant Scholarships (not associated with SIP)

Proton Energy Scholarship
Davidson Fellowship

SIP 2012

SIP 2011

SIP 2010

SIP 2009

Group Projects / Camps

The COSMOS (The California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science) program at UCSC (various science and math topics) - applications are for the summer are open during the month of February
NASA's INSPIRE Program --- Research, Education and Careers in STEM Fields