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.8 in


Charge Coupled Device. A two dimensional photometric detector.

Canada France Hawaii Telescope.

Different galaxy morphologies from elliptical (E) through the different kinds of spiral (Sa/Sb/Sc) to irregular (Irr).

One Giga-year. A common notation in the astronomical literature.

Image Reduction and Analysis Facility. The most commonly used image analysis program in optical astronomy.

Multi-Object Spectrograph at CFHT.

A unit distance equal to 3.26 light-years. It is the distance at which 1 astronomical unit would subtend an angle of 1 on the sky.

Subarcsecond Imaging Spectrograph at CFHT.

Signal to Noise Ratio.

Tully-Fisher. The Tully-Fisher relation links the intrinsic luminosity of galaxies to their rotation velocity.


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Title of Dissertation: The Internal Kinematics of Intermediate Redshift Galaxies

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