The abc format for online music

This page contains a small collection of links pertaining to the abc musical notation language originally developed by Chris Walshaw. The language is described at this web page which serves as a nexus for abc. Chris Walshaw's page is required reading, and should be visited before browsing the links below.
The abc language has a MIME type registered with the IANA.

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Answers to questions about the content of the MIME type

These are my own, unofficial musings about the evolution of abc.

Proposals for extending abc to handle clefs other than treble

A proposal for abc encoding of music for piano, harpsichord, harp, organ, and celesta

These are my own repositories of abc material.

Beethoven Symphony No. 7, 2nd movement

I have touch-typed a symphony.

Efficient transmission of folk music over the WWW

A library of more than 140 morris dance tunes

Using ABC for complete morris dance notation

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