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    1. Rosa Mae Siner
    1. Shelby Dale Siner
    1. Andrew Jonathan McClanahan
    2. Marriage, Family of Andrew Jonathan McClanahan and Mary Ann Kees
      1. Andrew Jonathan McClanahan (Primary)
      2. Mary Ann Kees (Primary)
    3. Mary Ann Kees
    1. Sarah J. McClanahan
    2. Marriage, Family of Shelby Dale Siner and Sarah J. McClanahan
      1. Shelby Dale Siner (Primary)
      2. Sarah J. McClanahan (Primary)
    3. Shelby Dale Siner
    1. Robert C. Myers
    2. Birth, Horace B. Myers
      1. Horace B. Myers (Primary)
    3. Hartford City, Blackford, Indiana, USA
    4. Avis Louise Langdon
    5. Horace B. Myers
    6. Marriage, Family of Horace B. Myers and Avis Louise Langdon
      1. Avis Louise Langdon (Primary)
      2. Horace B. Myers (Primary)
    1. Mary Ann Kees