IRAF cl scripts for Lick Observatory images

Whilst reducing gobs of images for my thesis research I've cobbled together a few IRAF scripts that are generally useful.

Folks who have observed at Lick Observatory know that the conventions used by the Lick data acquisition system differ from those used at NOAO. These show up as differences in the FITS header cards. The differences make it difficult to use the automated CCD processing tasks in the IRAF noao.imred.ccdred ccdproc package.

These cl scripts and databases make the job a little bit easier...

Perform the column bias (baseline) correction for Lick images.
A helper task for lickbase
Adds IMAGETYP information to Lick images to make it easier to run ccdproc. Also adds other useful astrometric keywords. All this from a catalog of objects provided by the user.
For purposes of using lickast I have assembled an obsdb.dat file for IRAF. This gives the positions of the telescopes on Mt. Hamilton to permit hour angle and airmass calculations.

Steve Allen <>