A list of upcoming morris ales

Ales were annual springtime celebrations which attracted folks from all over a shire. From the 17th thru 19th centuries they were held at numerous locations around England. Morris was one of the centerpiece sports at the ales. These 20th century ales revive the conditions under which the morris thrived.
This is a list of upcoming morris events which have been generally announced. Nothing here should be considered as authoritative. Listing of an event here does not imply that it is open to all. Contact the person mentioned in each case to get full details. Folks nearer to the UK will want to look here or here.

This list is for those events where I have detailed information. There is another list of generic information on recurring ales.

North of the Border Morris Ale: 1999 Nov 5-7

Hosted by Moreton Bay Fig Morris in San Diego, CA in celebration of their 15th anniversary (and Guy Fawkes day, too). Open to Morris Teams with single gender or mixed sides, performing any variety of Morris, including: Cotswold, Border, Northwest, Garland, Clog, etc. For more information see their web page or contact Andrew Miller <andrew@winning.com>.

I'll include other announcements if I hear about them. (I know for a fact that at least two persons have seen morris ales for the first time as a result of looking here to find ales.)

Previously listed events are here.

Steve Allen <sla@ucolick.org>