Recurring Morris Ales and Days of Dance

There are a number of morris ales which recur at intervals, plus smaller gatherings. This is a list of some of them. A few have links to more detailed information.

Ales in the UK and Europe

The UK is the birthplace of morris dancing. There are many regularly ocurring ales in the vicinity, including a few with centuries of tradition behind them. I do not suppose to be able to list them.

Two good sites with listings are by Rhod Davies and Martin Kiff.

Sidmouth Folk Festival, early August
This one event is mentioned more than all the others.

North American Ales

Minnesota Midwinder Ale, Twin Cities, mid January
Since 1986. Features sword and mumming appropriate to the season.
The New York Sword Ale, New York NY, mid February
Since 1986. Hosted by Half Moon Sword, and features longsword and rapper teams.
Free For Ale, the Bedlam Bells RenFest Mini Ale, Phoenix AZ, early March
Since 1994.
Vernal Perambulation, circa Gilbertsville, NY, mid April
Hosted by the Binghamton Morris Men since 1977.
The California Morris Ale, late April/early May
Since 1987.
Cambridge May Morning, Cambridge MA, May 1
Since 1975.
Minnesota May Morning, Twin Cities, May 1
One of the largest morris communities in the US.
The Marlboro Ale, Marlboro VT, Memorial Day Weekend
Since 1976. Open to single sex teams only.
The Midwest Morris Ale, Midwest of US, Memorial Day Weekend
Since 1981.
The Mixed Morris Ale, East Coast of US, Memorial Day Weekend
Since 1983. Open to any morris teams. Did not occur in 1997.
The Santa Cruz Day of Dance, Santa Cruz CA, mid May/early June
On Whitsun, else on Trinity, else sometime near then. A long tradition of Bay Area teams now hosted by Seabright.
The London Ale, London Ontario, early June
Pseudx (pronounced ``Suds''), Connecticut, early June
Originated by the Bingamton Morris Men and now hosted by the Bouwerie Boys. The name is spelled differently every time (which utterly confounds electronic search techniques).
The Syracuse Ale, early/mid June
Not quite annual.
Monterey Promenade, Monterey CA, late June
Since 1995.
Toronto Ale, Toronto Ontario, Labo(u)r Day
Hosted by Green Fiddle Morris.
Bluemont Ale, Virginia, early October (often Columbus Day weekend)
Harvest Ale, central Massachussetts, mid October
Hosted by Wake Robin and Juggler Meadow.
Ph'ome, Boston MA, early/mid October
Women's teams, now bi-annual.
Halloween Ale, Baltimore MD, late October
Baltimorris is currently defunct.
Halloween Ale, San Francisco CA, late October
Featuring Dead Ringers.
Moreton Bay Fig Ale, San Diego CA, early November
Since 1996.


English culture is pervasive.
New Zealand Morris Tour, late December/early January
New Zealand Spring Equinox Tour

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