A Morris Bibliography

Gathering of knowledge comes via hard work, and what I know is based upon the scholarship of many others. Here are most of my sources of information on the morris.


Adderbury Tradition
Cotswold Morris Dancing

Tim Radford
The Morris Federation
ISBN 0 948383 05 4
One of the principal sources for Seabright's dances.

Morris Dance in America
Proceedings of the 1991 Conference

Anthony G. Barrand & Jocelyn Reynolds (eds.)
Many vignettes regarding the life and times of American teams.

A Handbook of Morris Dances
Lionel Bacon
The Morris Ring
The most concise reference for Cotswold (& Border) morris dances and tunes.

The Morris Book
Volumes 1-5

Cecil J. Sharp and Herbert C. MacIlwaine
The Morris Ring
ISBN 0-9503402-3-5
The original text from the man who brought morris back from the brink of extinction.

Ribbons, Bells and Squeaking Fiddles
The Social History of Morris Dancing in the English South Midlands

Keith Chandler
Hisarlik Press
ISBN 1 874312 06 0
Essential historical reading about the heyday of morris.

The Imagined Village:
Culture, Ideology, and the English Folk Revival

Georgina Boyes
Manchester University Press
Dirty laundry of the individuals responsible for the dances and music we love.

``A Standard to Live up To'':
A Study of the Ring O'Bells
A New York-based Women's Morris Team

Jocelyn Bronwyn Reynolds
Master's Thesis
Boston University Professors Program
1992 (rev. 1993/94)
Personal insights into the origin of the first American women's morris.

Six Fools and a Dancer
The Timeless Way of the Morris

Anthony G. Barrand
Northern Harmony Publishing Company, Plainfield, VT
ISBN 0-9627554-1-9
The most scholarly single work available on American morris.

Roy Dommett's Morris Notes
Volumes I-V

Anthony G. Barrand (ed.)
Country Dance and Song Society
More information on each and every tradition than any normal person could consume.

Annals of Early Morris
John Forrest & Michael Heaney
CECTAL in association with the Morris Ring
An index of all known references to morris.

Longsword Dances from Traditional and Manuscript Sources:
as collated and notated by

Ivor Allsop
Edited by Anthony G. Barrand

Northern Harmony Publishing Company
Proclaimed as the ``Bacon'' of Longsword Dances.

Sword Dancing: A History
Stephen D. Corrsin
Enfield Lock: Hisarlik Press , for the Folklore Society
Previews of this book have appeared in the Morris Dance Discussion List.

Thoinot Arbeau
A treatise in the form of a dialogue whereby all manner of persons may easily acquire and practise the honourable exercise of dancing. Several translations of this text are now available. This old instructional manual for dance almost certainly does not describe the morris as we know it; however it almost certainly employs terminology which was applied to the steps of Cotswold morris.


American Morris Newsletter
c/o Jocelyn Reynolds & Peter ffoulkes
1399 30th Avenue, #205
San Francisco, CA 94122
e-mail: <AMN@periodpieces.com>
The (supposedly) annual Directory of Sides is the definitive list of all North American morris.

Country Dance and Song Society News
Country Dance and Song Society of America
17 New South Street
Northampton, MA 01060
ISSN 1070-8251
This newsletter is published six times per year by CDSS.

Country Dance and Song
Country Dance and Song Society
17 New South Street
Northampton, MA 01060
This is the annual journal of the CDSS.

Bay Area Country Dancer
Bay Area Country Dance Society
P.O. Box 22165
San Francisco, CA 94122
This newsletter is published four times per year by BACDS.

Electronic Sources

The Morris Dancing Discussion List
Tom Keays & Jim Morgan (maint.)
The place to be for Online Morris Dancers.

Various WWW Pages
The flagship index of links is maintained by Jeff Bigler. Alternatively, a geographically sorted list of links is available from Rich Holmes.

The Vaughan Williams Memorial Library
Mike Heaney (maint.)
A contemporary of Cecil Sharp also involved in folk collection.

The CDSS Archives
University of New Hampshire (maint.)
The index to a large collection of material pertaining to the history of folkdance and music in the US.

Steve Allen <sla@ucolick.org>