Morris-related info on the WWW

A list of upcoming and recurring ales &c.

Ales were annual springtime celebrations which attracted folks from all over a shire. From the 17th thru 19th centuries they were held at numerous locations around England. Morris was one of the centerpiece sports at the ales. These 20th century ales revive the conditions under which the morris thrived.

The Morris Dancing Discussion List

The place to be for online morris dancers. The original listowner Tom Keays has prepared the MDDL home page and FAQ. This contains the best set of bibliographic, scholarly, and practical references about morris on the WWW.

Within the above FAQ can be found information on the American Morris Newsletter which annually publishes a list of all sides on the North American Continent. The CDSS also publishes an annual list of morris and other dance clubs. In the UK there are three organizations of morris sides: The Morris Ring, The Morris Federation, and Open Morris.

San Francisco Bay Area Morris Teams

A list as complete as can be of the local teams that Seabright often meets.

Morris Sides on the WWW

Jeff Bigler maintains the flagship index of morris & sword which is sorted alphabetically, contains team logos (or not), and is available on a backup server. Rich Holmes maintains a geographically sorted list of sides on the WWW.

Various and sundry info

In the US most morris teams interact with the Country Dance and Song Society. The CDSS produces a catalog containing almost all the various hardware and information needed by morris and other dancers.

In the UK the English Folk Dance and Song Society was started by Cecil Sharp. The EFDSS has strong historical connections with the revival of the morris.

If you are a lover of folk songs both ancient and modern, but don't have anyone nearby who can recite the words, try the Digital Tradition Folk Song Database. There are several morris tunes and some related songs.

In an act of commercialism which probably deserves applause, Thornden Morris of Syracuse NY have entered into an arrangement with their local microbrewery.

There is a teddy bear named Jinky Wells II who is currently touring the world from one ale to another. His travels are documented.

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