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Morris Sides on the WWW

Sorted roughly in order of arrival on the WWW. See also the other lists of morris home pages.
First came Seabright Morris & Sword, on the WWW since 1994 April 10. During 1995 May we also became the first side with info provided by multiple team members (Caroline Lunsford and Loren Washburn). The rest of the WWW teams are below in a vaguely chronological order.

John Maher, the overseas bagman for the Morris Ring, is serving a morris-related home page which has tons of useful references. It contains info about numerous publications of morris scholarship and the various UK morris organizations. In addition, he provides service for several teams:
Paul Woods edits the page for the Bristol Morris Men.
Here is Handsworth Traditional Sword.

Ishmael Stefanov-Wagner is a fiddler for Boston's Black Jokers. He also hosts the page for Rose Galliard Northwest Morris.

Jeff Bigler is providing info about Boston's Middlesex Morris. He also provides the morris section of the WWW Virtual Library on . This is the flagship index of morris & sword which also is available on a backup server.

David Meddows-Taylor describes Toronto's Green Fiddle Morris.

Rich Holmes is preparing a spiffy set of pages on morris in general and on the Bassett Street Hounds. This contains the best historical treatise about morris on the WWW.

Rebecca Jordan and David Wald have created a home page for Boston's Lemon and Capers Morris which also delves into the mysteries of the origins of the morris.

Ben Bolker and Bob Dupre tell us about Princeton's Millstone River Morris including some audio commentary from BlackAdder and some nifty graphics.

Andrew Klapper provides the page for Squash Beetle Morris and gives us another piece of insight into the morris.

Nancy McCracken presents Thornden Morris with the best morris photo gallery on the WWW. They also have a beer sharing arrangement with their local microbrewery.

Martin Kiff reveals Thames Valley Morris.

David Pritchard serves the Red Stags Morris of Southampton along with the full text of Kemps nine daies wonder. Wow.

Theodore Hodapp has long provided info about several Minnesota teams including Minnesota Traditional Morris, Bells of the North, Vorpal Sword (rapper), and Asworded Nuts (longsword). In 1996 he added info about other Minnesota sides including Ramsey's Braggarts, Uptown-on-Calhoun, Wildrose Longsword, Tangled Web Rapper, Short Sword, and Blue Ox Northwest.

Graham Baldwin presents the Vancouver Morris Men, probably the most traditional team in North America.

Dan Saunders reveals Knighton Morris of Leicester.

As a part Folk Dance in the Twin Cities, Charles Davis provides info about Uptown-on-Calhoun, and Ramsey's Braggarts.

Something I've been waiting for, from Keith Hallam here's Bristol Rag Morris.

Toby Koosman has put together info about Sourwood Morris and Tenpenny Rapper.

Deb Walks has formed a new team in Oregon, she and Dan Sabath describe Apex Morris.

The Bay Area gets its second morris WWW page from the Deer Creek Morris Men.

Anthony Worrall has the first Molly side info on the WWW, the Seven Champions Molly Dancers.

Stephanie Schmitz presents Maroon Bells Morris of Colorado.

Anthony Worral tells a bit about Berkshire Bedlam Morris.

Another entry from England, the Oxford University Morris Men.

Add the Manchester Morris Men.

Mark Rogers edits the page for the Stroud Morris Men and Ladies.

Hooray! Here finally are Bedlam Bells Morris.

From Vancouver Island we have Island Thyme Morris.

And across the sound on the American side are the Mossyback Morris Men.

The Newts have scooped all the rest of us by getting their own domain name.

Thames Valley International hails from London, Ontario (Canada).

Ha'penny Morris of Boston has come online, including a listing of the Ph'ome.

Honest John Morris is out there.

Philip Zimmerman (no, not the one of PGP fame) offers Jack in the Green of New Hampshire.

Cliff Rainey presents an unauthorized version of the Kingsessing Morris Men of Philadelphia.

Eric Foxley serves the Foresters Morris Men of Nottingham, Greenwood Step Clog, and their local Plough Monday Mumming Play.

Hampshire Garland is online.

The Belchamp Morris Men do border, molly, and cotswold.

As of late 1995 Syracuse NY has a new mixed side now called Salt Springs Morris.

Simon Shaw lets us in on the Ellington Morris Men.

Hook Eagle Morris Men have joined in the WWW fun.

Leeds Morris Men, too.

Datchet Border Morris in the Maidenhead/Windsor area.

Steven Dodd maintains Loafer's Glory northwest clog morris.

Adding in yet another continent are Hong Kong Morris.

The Foggy Bottom Morris Men.

Starting off 1996 are the East Kent Morris Men along with a list of sides located in Kent, UK.

Silhill Morris of the West Midlands does North West Clog and Border Morris.

The Ripley Morris Men of Derbyshire England.

The London Pride Morris Men have arrived on the WWW.

Devil's Dyke Morris Men

Mianus River Morris on the Connecticut/New York border.

Glenda Newell-Blake announces Rose Mountain Morris.

A recent discovery is Stane Street Morris

And the Cardiff Morrismen have joined the WWW.

The Mersey Morris Men have a pretty cool page.

Not to be left out, the Cardiff Ladies Morris is online.

The Maldon Greenjackets entered quietly onto the WWW.

A new batch of links just arrived from England: Brighton Morris Men, Stevenage Sword, Breinton Morris Men, and Thelwall Morris Men.

Erleseye Morris, Chester UK.

Huzzah! Berkeley Morris joins the WWW club for the 1996 May season.

Jackstraws Morris, Pirbright, Surrey (UK)

The Offley Morris Men, Hitchin, Herts., UK.

King John's Morris , Southampton, Hampshire, UK.

King John's Morris , Southampton, Hampshire, UK.

Banbury Cross Morris , Newton, Massachusetts, USA. A kids side.

Beggar's Oak Clog , Armitage (UK).

Clerical Error , Yscefiog, Denbighshire, North Wales ,UK.

Rock Creek Morris Women , Washington, DC.

Hurst Morris People (HuMP), , Hurst, Berkshire, UK.

Victory Morris , Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK.

Winchester Morris Men , UK.

The Hartley Morris Men .

Commonwealth Morris Men , Boston, MA.

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This page is defunct; read the explanation.