So you want to dance Bledington?

The village of Bledington lies in Gloucestershire near the border with Oxfordshire.

During the fall of 1993 our founding foreman Evan Shepherd returned to broaden our spectrum of dance by giving us an intensive Bledington workshop. Starting with C. Sharp and Bacon as a rough outline we assembled the following set of notes.

Feel free to use these notes, but please preserve the info about their provenance. Also be advised that Seabright does not follow these notes. In 1994 June we were further taught by Jim Morrison of the Albemarle Morris Men, and after he left we evolved a style which differs from both of these teachers.

Seabright 1993 Bledington Dance Notes

  • Basic Steps and Capers
  • Common and Distinctive Figures
  • Miscellaneous Notes and Diagrams
  • Notes on specific dances

  • Morningstar
  • Young Collins
  • Trunkles
  • Black Joke
  • We also have the sheet music for some Bledington tunes. See the page on morris music for more details.

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