The Chingford ``Tradition''

During 1994 Geoff Hughes came to the CDSS Pinewoods dance camp and taught Chingford. Using the notes from that class, Roger Hayes started a new team called Purple Sage based in San Francisco. Purple Sage performs dances in the Chingford tradition only. The tunes in the WWW music library are derived from a nearly illegible FAX of some poor copies of the music that Roger got from Geoff. The Chingford tradition was invented by Geoff Hughes and has been developed by the Chingford Morris Men. According to Geoff
The music which I gave out at Pinewoods last year was written out for me by the Chingford Squire (and musician). Chingford MM use the N. American tune published by Karpeles when they perform the Upton stick dance as published by her. The Chingford Stick Dance tune is a variant of a well known Irish tune. All the other Chingford tunes are variations of well-known traditional dance and song tunes.
Note that the dance which is often referred to as the ``Upton on Severn stick dance'' is derived from the Chingford MM.
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