The (Unofficial) Lick/LLNL MOS Index Page

The Multi-Object Spectrograph (MOS) is one of the newer instruments available on the Shane 3-m telescope at Lick Observatory on Mt. Hamilton, CA.

Who built it

It was constructed as a joint project of UCO/Lick Observatory and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories. Jean Brodie was Principal Investigator for the project.

The cast of characters involved deserve much more credit than is given in this slash and burn writeup.

What it does

The MOS gathers light at the prime focus using approximately 60 optical fibers. Each of these fibers can be moved to various locations about the focal plane in order to capture the images of different objects.

...and much, much more...

Other sources of Information

Bill Craig
Operational information including a draft user manual.
Jim Burrous
Photos of the instrument in preparation for operation.

Software and specifications

This section is the motivation for all the rest. Note that much of the content here is design-only and not yet in use for the operational scenario. At any point where old and new versions are discussed, it is the old one which is currently relevant.
MOS Output Data Products
These are the results that are taken home by the observer
MOS Target Assignment Code
This code can be used to define fiber configurations before and during an observing run.
Software model of the MOS
This documents the internal model of the MOS as used by the fiber assignment code.
File formats for intercommunication
Various pieces of software communicate via these protocols

A User's Manual

There isn't one, yet.... Have a look at the manual for NOAO hydra.
Steve Allen <>
(who is eagerly awaiting the day someone else takes over the hosting of an official MOS home/index page)