What's where at Lick Observatory on Mt. Hamilton

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I am most indebted to Dr. Arnold Klemola, who has repeatedly undertaken to answer these questions over the past several decades. His notebooks contain copious amounts of reference information and correspondence. He also maintains copies of detailed position measurements and calculations which have been essential in disambiguating some of the published material.

Conversations with Drs. Merle Walker, Albert Whitford, George Herbig, Donald Osterbrock, Robert Kraft were helpful in finding many references to historical information. Drs. Remington Stone and Richard Pogge also provided useful bits. Shiloh Unruh mentioned several interesting points from the collection of historic Lick photographs in his posession. Dave Lingo was responsible for collecting many of the photographs. This would have been much more difficult without the presence of the Lick Observatory Library and the many volumes which contain the original reference material for most of the published positions.

More thanks to the Lick telescope technicians and all the residents of Mt. Hamilton, past and present.

The NGS deserves applause for their incredibly useful WWW server. Marie Lukac of the US Naval Observatory thoughtfully contributed copies of all USNO materials regarding Lick Observatory. James Van Nuland confirmed the circumstances of the measurements published in the 1984 Astronomical Almanac, and David W. Dunham of IOTA verified that the 6-inch reflector was present during only one night.

Dorothy Schaumberg and the Mary Lea Shane Archives of the Lick Observatory have much of the unpublished source materials regarding construction dates.

Steve Allen <sla@ucolick.org>