HIRedux Setup

Organize and Compress the Data

  1. Create a new directory for the night (e.g. 08sep04) and enter it
  2. Create a 'Raw/' directory and put all the raw data in it.
  3. gzip the data as necessary
    unix> gzip *.fits
  4. Launch idl in the directory above Raw/
    unix> idl -32 (or idlde -32)

Create/Edit the Structure

  1. hires_strct :: Create the HIRES structure.

  2. Recommended: Edit the structure with a script
    hires_strct creates the structure and takes a guess at the initial values of many of the tags based on the header card info. It is difficult, however, to automate all of the values for the tags and therefore the user should carefully check the structure. Also, the user should set flg_anly = 0 for all of images which should be ignored during data reduction (bad flats, tests, etc.). For most of the important tags, one can use hires_editstrct. The rest must be done from the command line by hand or through a simple IDL script (recommended). The obvious tags to modify are:

  3. hires_editstrct :: Modify the HIRES structure. See above

  4. hires_updstrct :: Append new files to the current structure. This is mainly useful at the telescope as you are taking new data. The code simply searches the Raw directory, notes any new files, and adds them to the structure.
  5.     Example: IDL> hires_updstrct, hires
        Time : Fast
  6. You know the code is working   right when it finds the files.

  7. hires_wrstrct :: Write the HIRES structure to disk. In IDL you can modify the values of any of the tags. You can then save the structure in fits form and rewrite the ASCII file with the routine hires_wrstrct.
        Example: IDL> hires_wrstrct, hires, FITS='hires_name.fits'
        Time : fast

  8. If you exit (or crash) IDL, you will need to read the structure back in.
    hires_ar :: Read the HIRES structure from disk. If no name is given, the file looks for the first fits file starting 'hires' that contains a '_'.
        Example: IDL> hires = hires_ar()
        Example: IDL> hires = hires_ar('hires_name.fits')
        Time : fast
  9. You know the code is working   right when
    IDL> help, hires, /str ---- lists the structure.


Last modified 2005-10-10