UCOAC Meeting 34

University of California Observatories Advisory Committee
Thirty-Fourth Meeting
21 February, 2001, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Kerr Hall
UC Santa Cruz

I. Chair’s Remarks (Filippenko)

II. Director’s Report (Miller)

III. Report on UCLA IR Lab (McLean)

IV. Lick/Keck AO report (Max)

V. Lunch, and informal reports by recent Keck observers

VI. Report on Mt. Hamilton issues, instruments (Jones, Miller)

VII. Weather constraints and other Lick issues (Filippenko)

VIII. Possible postdoc access to Keck (Miller)

IX. Keck budget problems (Miller)

X. Keck segment cleaning/realuminization (Spinrad, Filippenko)

XI. CELT discussion; UCO involvement (Nelson, Miller)

XII. DEIMOS update: concern for UCO? (Miller, Faber)

XIII. Scheduling of future UCOAC meetings

XIV. Executive session

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