UCOAC Meeting 51

University of California Observatories Advisory Committee
Fifty-first Meeting
31 March, 2010, 9:00 am-5:00 pm
UC Irvine, 2139 Frederick Reines Hall

Meeting Minutes (pdf)
UC Ethics Document (pdf)
AAS Ethics Document (pdf)


UC Irvine, 2139 Frederick Reines Hall (Bldg. 401 on campus map)

Campus map at http://www.uci.edu/campusmaps.php


8:00am coffee and pastries available

9:00am Welcome (Filippenko)

9:05am UCO update (Bolte)

Lick Observatory
--LO Strategic Planning
--LO Projects
--New LO Deputy Director for Operations
--LO EPO and the Moore Foundation

Keck Observatory
--Projects, Priorities, Funding, etc.

11:00am Keck Science Meeting 2010 (Bolte, Filippenko)

11:15am Keck and Lick ToO policy (Prochaska)

12:00pm Keck Cadence Observing (Imke dePater, via Filippenko)

12:15pm Lunch 

01:00pm UCLA IR Labs Update (McLean)

01:45 TMT Update (Bolte)

02:30 Report on LO AGN reverberation program (Barth)

03:00 Keck TAC feedback (McLean)

03:15 UC/Keck data repository and reduction service (Prochaska)

03:30 Keck UC postdoc access (Filippenko)

04:15 Keck and Lick data rights policy (Rich)

04:30 Executive Session

05:00 Adjourn

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