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University of California Observatories Advisory Committee
Fifty-seventh Meeting
09 October 2012, 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
UC Santa Cruz, ISB 102

Meeting Documents (pdfs)


09:30 AM Gathering with Coffee and Continental Breakfast

10:00 AM Background on recent events

  • UCO Board: Status and Membership
  • External Review Committee Letter (sent Oct. 6)
  • Status of the UCO Director Search
  • Newly announced Dorr/Beckwith Budge Meeting (Nov. 13?); Bridge Funding Status
  • USA Today Ad
  • Note: We will shortly have four committees: UCOAC, SPC, Director Search, Board

10:30 AM Executive Session

12:00 PM Strategies for Working with the UCO Board

  • What questions the Board might ask, and how we would respond
  • Proactive informatio strategies to present our point of view to Board
  • Arguing the cost-effectivenes of UC OIR astronomy
  • Role of UCOAC in dealing with Board

12:30 PM Gathering Lunch

12:45 PM Launching the UC OIR Strategic Plan

  • Ideas for what the plan should contain (Faber)
  • Facilities planning at UCSC (Bernstein via Faber)
  • Draft committee membership (Barth)
  • Draft charge (Faber and Barth)

01:45 PM Planning for the Keck SSC meeting, Nov 6/7 (Prochaska, Ghez, Marcy)

Suggested Topics:
  • Current Keck segment repair plan and finances
  • UC instrumentation priorities
  • Financial strategy for new instrumentation
  • Priority action items

02:45 PM Smaller discussion items: ~30 minutes

  • Results from Mount Hamilton Workshop, Sept. 13/14 (Prochaska)
  • Selling MH observing time: market research (Prochaska)
  • Other revenue ideas (Wareham)
  • Action items resulting from workshop (Prochaska)

03:15 PM Smaller discussion items cont'd: ~30 minutes

  • UCO and Keck Development activities (everybody)
  • Friends of Lick Board meeting, Sept. 15 (Filippenko)
  • UCO-related development efforts on UC campuses
  • What role should the UCOAC play in UCO development?
  • Appoint a UCOAC development subcommittee?
  • Function? Members?

03:45 PM Break

04:00 PM Smaller discussion items cont'd: 5 minutes each

  • Keck 20th anniversary gala: update and UC goals for fund-raising (Ghez)
  • Lick 125th anniversary gala: vision and starting to plan (Wareham, Faber)
  • The most ambitious, interactive vision: downtown Silicon Valley
  • Alternative smaller less costly format on MH
  • Support from around system: UCOAC role
  • Cost in $$$ and manpower: how to optimize bang for buck

04:45 PM Brief announcement items: 5 minutes each

  • UCO Faculty Responsibilities List (Faber)
    • What it is
    • What faculty are doing
  • Telescope and instrumentation updates:
    • UCSC Labs (Rockosi)
    • UCLA Labs (McLean)
    • Lick APF (Faber): Readiness Review Nov. 16
    • Keck (Ghez, Marcy)
    • Keck segment repair; strategy to pay for
    • TMT (Bolte via Faber)
  • TAC News: Semester 2013A
    • Balance of time of Keck I vs. Keck II
    • Cjamges tp tje Lecl TAC structure and subpanel chairs (Faber)
    • New TAC charter: 3 yr. terms, all UC Keck PIs eligible to serve

05:30 PM Meeting Adjourns (dinner in town for those who are staying)


You will need to stop at the UCSC parking pass kiosk at the base of campus. You may purchase a daily pass for $6 (reimbursible) or present your parking pass from another UC campus for a free daily pass.


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