NGC 1365 velocity field image

Velocity field of NGC 1365, obtained with the Rutgers Fabry-Perot, CTIO 1.5-m telescope

Benjamin Weiner

formerly at UCO/Lick Observatory, now Steward Observatory, University of Arizona

I am now an Assistant Astronomer at Steward Observatory in the MIPS team; while at Lick I was working with the DEEP survey. In between I helped build the Maryland-Magellan Tunable Filter (MMTF) with Prof. Sylvain Veilleux. My home page has moved to

Prior to Maryland, I was a postdoc with the DEEP project at UCO/Lick Observatory at the University of California, Santa Cruz; a Carnegie Fellow at the Carnegie Observatories; and a grad student at Rutgers University, alma mater of Mr. Magoo. I was born in California (that makes me a citizen, so they can't kick me out if they secede) but grew up in Pittsburgh.

Professional Stuff

Research interests [somewhat outdated]
Previous research

Research interests

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- Study of galaxy formation and evolution through measurements of galaxy structure (luminosity, color, concentration, bulge/disk) and internal kinematics (velocity widths, rotation, non-circular motions) from local galaxies to z=1
- Structure, dynamics and evolution of barred galaxies
- Faint optical emission from high-velocity clouds
- 2-dimensional spatially resolved spectroscopy: Fabry-Perot and integral field
- Computational fluid dynamics, simulations of gas flow in galaxies
- Optical telescope instrumentation


Some possibly useful software I've written.

Contact information

Benjamin Weiner
Steward Observatory
University of Arizona
933 N. Cherry St.
Tucson, AZ  85721

email: bjw -at-
phone: 520-626-1798

Some photographs.

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