Just getting started with this...

Claudia Oliveira and John

Claudia Oliveira 2007

Don VandenBerg, 2000

Beware of Doug, 1999

Ed Langer (caught him smiling)

I am very sad to write that my good friend Ed passed away unexpectedly and far too soon on Feb 17, 1999. I miss him.

Peter Beast Stetson, 2002

David Lai, Sara Lucatello, Santa Cruz Jul 2006

former student Kurtis Williams, 2002

former student Jennifer Johnson, 1997

Ann Zabludoff, 2000

Dennis Zartisky, 2000

The battle of the minds (DZ vs JB), 2000

Piero Madau, 2004

former UC Santa Cruz grad student Katherine Wu, 2002

Kurtis Williams, Kate Rubin, Hawaii 2006

Lars Hernquist (roller derby king), 2003

The one and only Jerry Nelson (2006)

Terry Mast (2006)

Peter Bodenheimer and Greg Laughlin(2006)

Steve Vogt (2006)

Chancellor George Blumenthal and Joe Miller (2006)

Taft Armandroff's first Keck Science meeting (2006)

Sara Lucatello and Fabrizio Brighenti (2006)

Richard Ellis, Jose Franco and MB, Mexico City 2006

Richard Ellis, Puebla, Mexico 2006

Silvia Torres-Peimbert Puebla, Mexico 2006

Irene Cruz-Gonzalez, Puebla, Mexico 2006

Jerry Nelson and Terry Mast April 2008

Santa Cruz meeting, 1995


Nearly Normal Galaxies I: Santa Cruz 1986

Nearly Normal Galaxies II: Santa Cruz 2005 (young folks)

Nearly Normal Galaxies II: Santa Cruz 2005 (old folks)

Kraftfest: Santa Cruz 1992

The Keck Obs Mafia July 2002

HIA/DAO June 1988

UCO ~1988

TMT Board Meeting April 2008

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